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The Slick-n-Quick Lawn Edger

  • The Remarkable and Unique LAWN-EDGIT MK1 (U.S. Patent #5833009) has revolutionized lawn edging. Avid home Gardeners and Lawn Keepers can get pro-like edging results at a fraction of the cost of professional lawn care services.
  • The LAWN-EDGIT MK1 Lawn Edger has the cutting edge technology to cleanly slice the turf without causing messy clean-ups like debris throwing motorized and electric lawn edgers. And yes, the LAWN-EDGIT MK1 is Environmentally Friendly!
  • The LAWN-EDGIT MK1 is a long handled turf edging tool designed to remove straggly or excess turf that has overgrown onto walks, patios, curbs and driveways.
  • The unique design of the LAWN-EDGIT MK1 cleanly slices, removes and plows the excess turf-cuttings onto hard surfaces having 90 degree corners for easy cleanup. This three-in-one step edging process is not available with any other edger. Garden-variety spades or old half-moon shaped lawn edgers cannot freely cut a straight line and simultaneously plow or remove the turf-wedge cuttings.
  • The LAWN-EDGIT MK1 design truly does cut more quickly with straighter and cleaner pro-like edging results than spades, traditional half-moon shaped edgers or expensive motorized lawn edgers.
  • The LAWN-EDGIT MK1 Lawn Edger is a quality-built, durable hand tool designed to last a lifetime.
  • It's made from T1000 - Hardened Steel as a cutting base, chrome-plated and bolted to a pivoting ferruled 4 ft. hard maple wooden handle with a "D" Grip End. Its overall length is 56 inches.
  • Looking for the 'clean-edge-look' in lawn edging?
  • Then give your lawn the Slick-n-Quick Edge with the LAWN-EDGIT MK1

The professional lawn edging tool designed for today's avid Gardener and Lawn Keeper. A 'must-have' lawn tool for the home gardener who takes pride in personal lawn care.

TheLAWN-EDGIT MK1gives your lawn 'the edge' In Edging - and is the preferred choice of Gardeners, Lawn Keepers and Landscapers who get professional edging results at a fraction of the cost of debris throwing motorized edgers.


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