User/Purchaser’s Operating Instructions
  1. Please read the SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS before using or handling your LAWN-EDGIT MK LawnEdger Hand Tool, (Patent Pending).
  2. The LAWN-EDGIT MX is designed to function from the right-hand side of sidewalks, patios and curbs: each having a 90 degree solid edge. It is not designed to work on bevelled edges: i.e., asphalt-paved driveways.
  3. Carry your LAWN-EDGIT X safely to the work area. The following is a recommended way of using the hand LawnEdger.
  4. Hold the 'D' Grip end of handle with your right hand. Place your left hand on top of wooden handle with thumb grasping handle from below; 8 to 12 inches from right hand.
  5. Stand on hard surface and face yourself forward in-line with cutting path. Place your left foot forward and apart; 12 to 16" from your right foot. Slightly bend or lean forward for a preferred working stance.
  6. At a 45° downward angle, aim and insert or poke the pointed tip of LawnEdger into turf to locate the outer edge of sidewalk. Continue until LawnEdger has cut thru the overlapping turf and seats itself flatly.
  7. With the LawnEdger firmly seated over edge of sidewalk and in or on a fiat forward plane, you are now ready to input forward slicing strokes by using your right arm.
  8. See SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. Edging conditions will vary in each geo- graphical area and the ease of edging will be governed by the amount of turf over-growth, soil-type and its moisture content.
  9. Focus on keeping the LawnEdger flat and the pointed tip snug against sidewalk's edge to maintain a straight cutting line. The edger's handle is designed with a 5° inward thrust-line to support a straight-line cut At first, there may be a tendency to steer or veer the LawnEdger info your lawn until you develop the proper technique of guiding the for- ward cutting action to be parallel or in-line to the sidewalk's edge.
  10. With your right hand, push or jar edger handle forward to initiate slicing stroke. Your left hand is used primarily to guide the LawnEdger along sidewalk's edge to prevent the LawnEdger from veering into lawn.
  11. The normal length of cutting and slicing stroke is 6 to 8 inches. Other lengths are impacted by each user and regulated by the soil condition. To assist the LawnEdger in maximizing the ease and length of stroke. another design feature of 'pivoting' has been incorporated into the ferrule of the handle. This allows the cutting base to remain flat through a longer slicing stroke aiding the edger from unintentionally surfacing.
  12. Continue edging at a comfortable pace and be sure not to over exert yourself as the conditions for edging your lawn may vary from section to section and its moisture content may or may not be ideal for edging.
  13. After a few feet of edging, you will notice another design feature of the LawnEdger. It also plows the turf-cuttings onto the sidewalk which will ease the clean-up of turf-cuttings by scraping-up with a flat shovel.
  14. After lawn edging is completed, 'broom-wisk' lose dirt from LawnEdger and (optional) flush with water. Allow to dry or wipe with dry cloth.
  15. Spray metal wear surfaces with silicon wax or light oil to prevent rusting. See SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS for storage.

TheLAWN-EDGIT MK1gives your lawn 'the edge' In Edging - and is the preferred choice of Gardeners, Lawn Keepers and Landscapers who get professional edging results at a fraction of the cost of debris throwing motorized edgers.


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