Safety Instructions
  1. USE TOOL WITH CAUTION. Keep children and people away from the immediate work area when using LawnEdger.
  2. PERSONAL PHYSICAL FITNESS should be considered prior to edging. As with any lawn and garden digging tool, a certain degree of physical effort or exertion will be required for lawn edging. Extra effort may be endured because of the dryness or hardness of your lawn.
  3. CHOOSING CONDITIONS FOR EDGING. The first use of your edger will be the hardest. Subsequent monthly uses should require less effort. Depending on your geographical location, Spring and Autumn are the preferred months of the year due to the high moisture content of your lawn. The next best conditions for edging occur within 1 to 2 days of one or more inches of rain fall, or anytime after regular lawn waterings.
  4. CHECK WORKING AREA FOR HAZARDS. Ensure no surface or subsurface electrical wires or cables are near the lawn/edge cutting path or area. Also check for possible metal or stone debris that may be in path of cutting edge. Such obstructions may impede your cutting stroke.
  5. EDGER CUTTING ACTION is described as the force of the forward sliding and slicing stroke (6 to 8 inches), subject to conditions of lawn and soil. Length and straightness of the stroke and ease of edger's cutting action can be influenced by the user. The flatness and length of edger's tra- vel is governed by the design of the plvoting arc on the base plate.
  6. Do not over exert yourself for the sake of lengthening the cutting action. See USER/PURCHASER'S OPERATING INSTRUCTION for recommended way of usage.
  7. KEEP VERTICAL CUTTING EDGE SHARP. The inherent hardness of T1 Steel should retain edge sharpness under normal use. It may be necessary to periodically re-hone, by a qualified person, the main vertical cutting edge, i.e., using a 1 inch, drum-sander, with 120 grit, on an electric drill. 8. LAWN EDGER PROTECTION AND STORAGE Clean dirt from LawnEdger and rinse with water after each use. Let dry or wipe with dry cloth and spray metal wear surfaces with silicon wax or light oil to prevent rusting. Safely store LawnEdger in a dry area.

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