Assembly Instructions
Using: 1- Bolt, Washer & Lock Nut
  1. After removing LAWN-EDGIT MK LawnEdger (patent pending) from shipping container, set the cutting base into bench-vise and secure. Alternatively, lay the LawnEdger cutting base onto floor or ground.
  2. Place ferruled handle-end into pivot bracket at base of LawnEdger and align bolt holes.
  3. Insert 1/4' bolt at right side of pivot bracket (LawnEdger pointed-tip facing forward) and through the hole in ferrule and through the left side of pivot bracket.
  4. Install washer and locking nut. Tighten lock nut using 7/16" socket set or wrenches until both bolt head and nut/washer are snuggly against both sides of pivot bracket.
  5. Ensure the LawnEdger's handle-ferrule pivots easily at pivot bracket. 6. IMPORTANT Read SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS and USER/PURCHASER'S OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS before using LawnEdger.

TheLAWN-EDGIT MK1gives your lawn 'the edge' In Edging - and is the preferred choice of Gardeners, Lawn Keepers and Landscapers who get professional edging results at a fraction of the cost of debris throwing motorized edgers.


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